I have lived in California nearly my whole life, but I love to poke my nose in all the corners of the Earth. I spent 40 years teaching young students (3rd through 6th grades) to recognize beauty and truth when they come across it. We discovered together that sometimes "truth" is illusive or deeply hidden like optical illusions, and it takes persistence and a willingness to change positions to find it. We often talked about viewpoints or "perspectives" in history, science, art and literature.

I remember carrying a Brownie camera when we went on camping trips as a little girl. I used the camera to "remember" places and experiences that were important to me. I continue to document my journey, concentrating on my ever-evolving environment and the people, plants and animals that surround me.

My current passion is portraiture. I especially love to photograph children and young adults, but I am happy to work with all ages. I want to capture the essence of my subject in a candid manner, endeavoring to make my clients comfortable and at ease.

I live with my husband in El Dorado Hills, California. My three children have gone off to build their own lives and families. I am a grandmother, but I like to think that every age that I have been is still inside me. My inner child is strong!

You are free to browse these galleries. The images are copyrighted, but you may purchase any image through mpix in a large selection of formats from cards to full prints. Or you may contact me directly to arrange personal printings. The watermarks will not be on the final prints.

Please email me with questions or requests. Enjoy the perSPECTives!